The Blenheim 2018 C Grade Test Piece.


A4 Score and Parts

A Theme Fading

For years, one of the most standard forms for the test piece, the theme and variations, was prominent in band repertoire. “A Theme Fading” presents a different version of this form, where the theme becomes less and less noticeable in each variation, rather than remaining at the heart of each one. This theme is presented at the beginning in a chorale-like section, which quickly shifts into a jovial circus-esque march. Next, cadenzas by the soprano and euphonium bookend a loud, abrasive textural section, before a softer, ballad-like slower movement emerges. Lastly, a faster, technical section, in which the theme is unrecognisable, propels the music through to the finale, which sees the unavoidable return of the theme, grander than ever. The finale begins loud and full, but eventually subsides to a delicate ending.

A Theme Fading, Jack Bewley (Score & Parts)


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