Commissioned by The Brass Band Association of New Zealand for use as a test piece at the National Brass Band Championships of New Zealand ‘Champion Brass’, Wellington April 2017.


In 2008 I became a parent to a lovely wee girl, Isabella. What better way to say I love you to my daughter than to write a piece of music that captures just a little of who she is, and what she means to me. The melody takes the musical notes ‘A B E A’ and with the four syllables in her name this is used to create the melody and rhythm of the opening section. The music then journeys through the capricious perils of a growing mind, active and alert but without the constraints of grown-up sensibilities. Then the statement fanfare – starting in the lower register but reaching higher and higher as if to imitate the increasing assurance in life as confidence is gained. From here, the notes take flight as curiosity breaks through boundaries an adult would fear to cross before finishing with a flourish!  Dear Daughter - you’re the best! 

Isabella, Colin Clark


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