The 2017 Open Tenor Trombone test piece for the NZ Nationals.


Tanz, Song und Jagd is a work for tenor trombone and piano. The title translates as Dance, Song and Hunt (or Chase) and is in three sections (fast - slow - fast).  


The first section is a rather stern dance with hints of a famous mid-20th century German composer whose style was associated with Post Romanticism and Expressionism. The solo performer should create clear contrast between the heavier and lighter articulation requirements of the music.


The middle section is a song and provides the trombone a chance to display it's lyrical capabilities. The tender melody is offset somewhat by the regular use of the fourth in major chords in the piano - creating moderate harmonic tension that contrasts the simplicity of the 'song'.


The final section commences with a brief return to the beginning before a chase ensues.The trombonist will need to employ a lighter and brighter approach than in the Dance section and the pianist will need to create a great deal of drive.


 Tanz, Song und Jagd affords a trombonist the chance to show both the technical and lyrical qualities of the modern trombonist. Neither the upper nor lower ranges are ultra extreme, but both are tested. While the technical demands aren't 'virtuosic', there is still opportunity to demonstrate superior slide and tonguing techniques. Above all, the best performances will show the right style at the right time!


Solo parts: T.C. and B.C.

Tanz Song und Jagd, David Chaulk


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