For solo bass trombone in B flat and piano. Commissioned by The Brass Band Association of New Zealand for use as a test piece at the National Brass Band Championships of New Zealand ‘Champion Brass’, Wellington April 2017.

Parts:  B.C.


Crack was written for 2017 New Zealand Brass Band Championships Open Bass Trombone solo contest. There's no large story behind the piece, it's simply an attempt at a bass trombone solo that shows off the capabilities of such a powerful instrument. "Crack" may refer to the crackly sound associated with the instrument, or maybe the crack in the traditional style of Open Bass Trombone solos with a piece that is, at times, dark & light or beautiful & downright ugly. Or perhaps it will stir thoughts in the audience of what the composer must be smoking to come up with something like this... 

Crack, Jack Bewley


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