For solo tuba in B flat and piano. Commissioned by The Brass Band Association of New Zealand for use as a test piece at the National Brass Band Championships of New Zealand ‘Champion Brass’, Wellington April 2017. Parts: T.C. and B.C.


Misplaced is a solo for Bb tuba that deals comically with the situation of having lost something; this could be something as simple as your keys or your phone. It shows someone going through the inevitable process of searching in the likely places multiple times to no avail, searching the less likely places out of desperation, and then finally finding it in an obvious place (that they searched before but missed it).


However, the title can also refer to a surge of panic or state of confusion where a person can misplace a less tangible thing - forgetting a name, an idea, what you are about to say, and the feeling of foolishness that accompanies it.


Misplacement of course suggests that the object is not permanently lost, simply lost, briefly lost for now. Thus the ending suggests the recovery of said object: triumphant, yet flustered. 

Misplaced, Sam van Betuw


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