Established in 1931, the Brass Band Association of New Zealand (BBANZ) is a not-for-profit charitable organisation that works on behalf of 52 community brass bands and their 1900 members. Band members range in age from eight to 90 years of age. More than 30% of band members are under the age of 23 years. Each year the Band Association organises the National Brass Band Championships, a community education workshop, the National Secondary School Brass Band training camp and the National Youth Band training camp and concert tour. Periodically a National Band is formed to perform concerts in New Zealand and overseas or compete in international contests.


What can BBANZ do for you?

We often get asked this question so we have put together a list of what BBANZ can do for bands and individuals. If there are other activities that you think we could do – please let us know.


  • Is a central point of contact for our national-wide association during office hours and beyond - providing access to contact information for bands throughout New Zealand.

  • Is a knowledgeable, well-informed point of contact. If we can’t answer your question then we can point you in the direction of the best person who can.

  • Can answer questions about events past and present and search for historical information about bands or individuals for history projects.  

  • Will conserve our past history by receiving donated historical items and liaising with the National Library of New Zealand in regard to the storage of, and public access to, many of our archives.  

  • Can distribute information from training course attended such as on fund raising, etc.

  • Can write letters of support for Visa applications (individuals) or grant applications for bands.

  • Can provide a letter to advise that your band is affiliated to a national organisation – for grant applications.

  • Can publicise your events on our website, Facebook and The Mouthpiece.  

  • Is an agency for Police Vetting – bands can get Vets done for free.

  • Is the governing body that ensures annual events take place. We aim to have events that cover the needs of many of our members i.e. Education workshops for all ages, Youth activities, Masters’ events. Events for players, tutors, conductors and administrators.

  • Provides a Director of Education to assist bands and District Associations with individual training requirements.

  • Seeks funding for events so that the cost to participants is reasonable.

  • Ensures that our public persona is professional, informative and useful.

  • Provides a forum for the sharing of ideas.

  • Works to secure the future of brass banding through strategic planning.


And in return all we ask is that band and individual use the services we provide, pay any fees on time, reply to emails and say ‘thank you’ now and then.

The Strategic Plan of the Association

Our overall goal is to effectively manage and promote brass bands in New Zealand.


We aim to establish or promote:

  • The coaching and training of bands, conductors and individuals.

  • Band contests and solo/party competitions.

  • Appropriate publications and periodical journals.

  • Bands to represent New Zealand in this country and overseas.


We will encourage greater public acceptance of brass band music in New Zealand.


What we want to be

  • We want to be recognised as the world’s best brass band administration.

  • We want to develop and maintain a financially secure organisation that is known for excellence and innovation.

  • We want to ensure a secure future for Brass bands in New Zealand at all levels.


Our challenges

  • We want to improve our financial position.

  • We will respond to the challenges of an increasingly digital world.

  • We will seek to reverse the decline in the numbers of brass bands in this country.


Our priorities

  • Youth

  • Communication

  • Finances

  • Contests

  • Community Education

  • National Bands


Our culture

  • Our culture is moulded by our beliefs, values and behaviours. It helps us achieve our vision and is the foundation for everything we do – from our relationships, to the decisions we make and the actions we take. We all contribute to achieving our future.

  • Trust and Integrity

  • Valuing People

  • Working Together

  • Innovating to make a difference






  1. To develop and support initiatives aimed at youth.

  2. To support the aims and objectives of the National Secondary School Band and National Youth Brass Band.

  3. To provide the structures, personnel and financial support for the two youth bands: National Secondary School Band and National Youth Brass Band.


  1. To continue to develop avenues available for interaction with individual members, bands and District Associations via the BBANZ website, magazine and the social media for dissemination of information.

  2. To continue Data Base development in order to facilitate ease of communication with individuals, groups, and bands.


  1. To maintain and develop sponsorship opportunities for BBANZ and Affiliated Bands and Members.

  2. To encourage donations, bequests, payroll giving to our Trust funds by advertisement, word of mouth, electronic means and other communication channels thereby building our investment base.

  3. To ensure, where possible, that the Secondary Schools, Youth and National Bands along with other activities is self-funded to the extent that losses are unlikely.

  4. That the National Management Committee (NMC) keeps costs to realistic levels.

  5. That the NMC keep up to date with alternative sources of funding and financial resources.

Community Education

  1. To support the aims and objectives of the Educational Programme and the Director of Education.

  2. To keep abreast of developments in the field of music education.

National Contests

  1. To provide assistance and guidance as required by local National Contest Committees.

  2. To regularly review/adapt/change National Contest events and regulations.

  3. To provide qualified judges for the A/B and C/D Grade band competitions.

National Bands

  1. To develop opportunities for the National Band of New Zealand to perform on the world stage.

  2. To provide the administration and structures required for tours to take place and to meet the aims and objectives of the National Band of New Zealand.

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