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All about the Brass Band Association – BBANZ

Our History

Established in 1931, the Brass Band Association of New Zealand (BBANZ) is a not-for-profit charitable organisation that works on behalf of 51 community brass bands and their 1800 members. Band members range in age from eight to 90 years of age. More than 30% of band members are under the age of 23 years. Each year the Band Association organises the National Brass Band Championships, community education workshops, the National Secondary School Brass Band training camp and the National Youth Band training camp and concert tour. Periodically a National Band is formed to perform concerts in New Zealand and overseas or compete in international contests.

The 1903 Hinemoa New Zealand Representative Band

1903 Hinemoa New Zealand Representative brass Band

What can BBANZ do for you?

We often get asked this question so we have put together a list of what BBANZ can do for bands and individuals. BBANZ…

  • Is a central point of contact for our national-wide association during office hours and beyond - providing access to contact information for bands throughout New Zealand.
  • Is a knowledgeable, well-informed point of contact. If we can’t answer your question, then we can point you in the direction of the best person who can. 
  • Can answer questions about events past and present and search for historical information about bands or individuals for history projects. 
  • Will conserve our history by receiving donated historical items and liaising with the National Library of New Zealand regarding the storage of, and public access to, many of our archives.
  • Can distribute information from training course attended such as on fundraising, etc.
  • Can write letters of support for Visa applications (individuals) or grant applications for bands.
  • Can provide a letter confirming a band's affiliation to a national organisation – for grant applications.
  • Can publicise your events on our website, Facebook and The Mouthpiece.  
  • Is an agency for Police Vetting – bands can get Vets done for free.
  • Is the governing body that ensures annual events take place. We aim to have events that cover the needs of many of our members, i.e. Education workshops for all ages, Youth activities, Masters’ events. Events for players, tutors, conductors and administrators.
  • Provides a Director of Education to assist bands and District Associations with individual training requirements.
  • Seeks funding for events so that the cost to participants is reasonable.
  • Ensures that our public persona is professional, informative and useful.
  • Provides a forum for the sharing of ideas.
  • Works to secure the future of brass banding through strategic planning.

The Strategic Plan of the Association

Our overall goal is to manage and promote brass bands in New Zealand effectively.

Our priorities

  • Membership
  • Youth
  • Communication
  • Finances
  • National Contests
  • Community Education
  • National Representative Bands

Life Members who have served BBANZ

JF Allen
GH Bailey
RE Belgrave
A Brieseman OBE JP
RM Brooker
Trevor Cudby
W Currie
Graham Dick
J Drew
RJ Estall
WL Francis
NG Goffin
EJ Gohns
T Goodall
Drummer Hall
ER Holden
RB Hean
A Homer
KL Jarrett MBE
Mrs Beverley Kench
Mrs C Kendall
JC King
WS King
GB Knowles
A G (Tony) Lewis MNZM
Riki McDonnell QSM
WP MacLauchlin
H Nielson
E Ormrod (sen)
JG Osborne
E Palliser
J Rafferty
WV Siddall
R Simpson
P Skoglund
T Taylor OSM
LE Thorne QSM
FJ Turner
RS Waterston

Life Members

Graeme Aldridge MNZM
Betty Bremner
Trevor Bremner MNZM
Tony Cowan BEM, JP
Kevin Dell ONZM
Stephen Leader
Ian Levien QSM
Leigh Martin
Bill Platt
Evan Sayer
Dianne Smeehuyzen MNZM, JP
Rodney Sutton MBE, JP
Murray Warrington MNZM

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