We aim to establish or promote:

  • The coaching and training of bands, conductors and individuals.
  • Band contests and solo/ensemble competitions.
  • Relevant publications and periodical journals.
  • Bands to represent New Zealand in this country and overseas.

We will encourage greater public acceptance of brass band music in New Zealand:

  • We will strive to develop and maintain a financially secure, internationally recognised organisation for excellence and innovation in the promotion and sustainability of brass bands at all levels in New Zealand.
  • We will develop and promote brass band music and membership in New Zealand communities.

Our challenges:

  • To maintain and improve our financial position for the betterment of brass banding in New Zealand.
  • To identify and promote relevancy of brass banding in modern New Zealand’s lifestyle by:
    1. Acknowledging and understanding membership issues and working to grow the pool of New Zealand players and registered brass bands in New Zealand,
    2. Working to build band audiences and public appreciation of Brass Bands in our communities.      
  • To preserve the history of BBANZ and brass banding in New Zealand.

Our culture:

Our beliefs, values and behaviours mould our culture. It helps us achieve our vision and is the foundation for everything we do – from our relationships to the decisions we make and the actions we take.
We all contribute to developing our culture through:

  • Trust and Integrity
  • Valuing People
  • Working Together
  • Innovating to make a difference

We build our culture through:

  • Inclusiveness and diversity of membership.
  • Promotion of youth
  • Retention and recruitment of members
  • Recording and publishing the history of our organisation and its members.



1. Membership: to develop and support initiatives that 

Aim to recruit members of all ages.
Are inclusive and have no gender and cultural barriers.
Promote a life-long love of brass bands and music. 

2. Youth

  • To develop and support initiatives aimed at youth.
  • To support the aims and objectives of the National Secondary Schools’ Brass Band and National Youth Brass Band.
  • To provide the structures, personnel and financial support for the two youth bands: National Secondary Schools' Brass Band and National Youth Brass Band.

3. Communication

  • To present a single unified voice on issues of national significance – political, funding, or other.
  • To develop avenues for disseminating information and interaction with and between individual members, bands and District Associations - including BBANZ website, magazine, social media, and BBANZ database.

4. Financial

  • To maintain and develop sponsorship opportunities for BBANZ and affiliated bands and members.
  • To encourage donations, bequests, payroll giving to BBANZ.
  • To ensure that all activities undertaken, including the representative bands’ activities, are self-funded to the extent that losses are unlikely.
  • To be fiscally responsible in all activities, actively investigate alternative sources of funding and financial resources, and maintain financial records according to accounting requirements..

5. Community Education

  • To provide a source of musical and administrative education to member bands.
  • To promote and develop brass band audiences and public appreciation of brass bands via our representative bands and by assisting member bands with local performances.
  • To keep abreast of developments in music education to promote brass band music.

6. National Contests

  • To provide assistance and guidance as required by the local organising committees
  • To regularly review/adapt/change National Contest events and regulations.
  • To provide qualified judges for all events.

7. National Representative Bands

  • To promote excellence in our representative bands.
  • To develop opportunities for the National Band of New Zealand, National Youth Band, and National Secondary Schools’ Bands to perform on the national and world stage. 
  • To provide the administration and structures required for tours to take place and to meet the aims and objectives of our representative bands.

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